General Education Credits Suck

Seriously, I hate having to take Gen Ed classes.  I know I need them, and I can understand/appreciate the reasoning behind requiring them, but it doesn’t make the classes any less boring.

 Right now I’m taking Chem 100, filled with so much basic Chemistry that I can, literaly, barely keep my eyes open. 

I’m also taking College Composition II, a class about writing essays.  Meh, I can handle that one, but it isn’t interesting in the slightest. 

Next is Biology, my God is that one crazy.  I have two tests next week.  On monday I have a test on the first five chapters of the text book, which I’ve barely even looked at.  On Tuesday I have a ‘Lab Practical’ on the first four labs.  I know, crazy.  I also have to do a Lab Assesment on our last lab, basically just answering a bunch of questions from the end of the lab in the Lab Manual. 

Lastly, Music Appreciation.  Used it to fill my ‘Non-Western Studies’ requirement.  If I had known we would have to play Recorders in that class, I would have found something else.  But we do, and it sucks hardcore.

That will conclude this announcement.

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