Biology Test Update

So after I copied my notes I looked online to check out the study guide for the test.  Suffice it to say I nearly crapped myself.  There were so many things in the study guide not covered in the notes, I quickly skimmed through the book to cover as many as I could be sure to remember.  I barely slept because I was so nervous about the test.

 Well, I’ve taken the test and I’m fairly confident I’ll get atleast a B.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I was lucky too.  The only questions that were on the test were ones I knew the answer to.  Thats not to say there weren’t more questions I knew the answer to that weren’t on the test, because there were.

To stave off my reliance on Lady Luck, that most fical of mistresses, I will be making sure to keep up in the textbook and to use the aforementioned ‘make a copy of all my notes once a night for three nights before the test’ studying technique.

 That is all.

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