Bush is a show off

Missile hits dying US spy satellite – Yahoo News

 The Bush Administration claims that this was to destroy potentially harmful chemicals in the fuel tank of the satallite, which may be true.  But I believe there are alterior motives to this action.  I think it is a warning to any potentially hostile nation who may be thinking of sending ICBMs to the U.S., a warning that states we have what the world has been looking for the last 30 years.  That is to say, a viable defense against ICBMs.

 Some may argue ‘But Storm, that wasn’t an ICBM, it was a satellite!’  Whats your point?  It was of similar size, perhaps alittle bigger, perhaps alittle smaller, and it was travelling in the neighborhood that a ballistic missile would travel at, speed wise.  This was an unspoken message to North Korea and all the others:

 “Your threats of Nuculear Weapons are hollow, you don’t scare us anymore.”

 Of course, whether or not it will work is a different matter.

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