Ark of Truth Reviewed

Well my friends, I have seen Ark of Truth, and I am pleased 🙂

It felt entirely Stargate, and I have no substantial complaints.  The visual effects were spectacular, the storyline felt great, it made sense, and I felt satisfied with the whole thing at the end.  Except for wanting more Stargate, which is my default mode by the way, I thought it was a great movie over all.

I mentioned above that I had no substantial complaints, but I do have two small ones.  BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

During the course of the movie it is revealed that the IOA has decided to release replicators into the Ori galaxy.  I find this to be completely insane, even for the IOA, NID maybe, but not the IOA.  Its alittle hard for me to believe they would do this, yet it is never revealed, or even hinted, that it was a rogue decision, NID or otherwise.

 Second, during the course of the Deadalus’ crew trying to stop the Rep infestation caused by the IOA agent that built it (using the Asgard Core onboard), the IOA agent has his body taken over by a single Rep spider.  When his body is destroyed in an explosion a replicator block skeleton picks itself up out of the ashes.  It kinda looked like a Terminator :p  This only bothers me because the Terminator resemblance seemed cheap and kinda hoaky.  Also, there is no precedence for a Rep taking over a human body, although we are given a bit of explanation for that.  What is the explanation?  Watch the movie and find out!


Normally I wouldn’t tell someone to go to Wal*Mart, because the last thing that place needs is more money.  However, they sell it for $19.97, almost ten bucks cheaper than anywhere else.  I, like some of you I am sure, am a poor and hungry college student who needs gas money.  So the extra $8 dollars in my gas tank will help soothe the pain of aiding an evil mercantile empire, not unlike the Dominion of Korx.

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