Electric Sportscar

Tesla rolls out its long-awaited electric sports car

All I have to say to this is YAY!  I’ve been hopeing someone with the cahonies would finally revive electric car development.  Hopefully since this is an independant company dedicated to electric vehicles it won’t get canned like the EV1 of General Motors.

Hopefully everyone realizes the huge sham that hybrids are and starts supporting the electric car market.

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3 Comments on “Electric Sportscar”

  1. used jones Says:

    yeah, hybrids are a pile. I checked and a 1999 vw jetta actually has better mpg than the new hybrid. the big problem with electric cars is that you need to charge em for 12 hours, they dont have much speed. the big hope for car culture is not ethanol or hybrids but rather bio fuels. if they can figure out a means of making profitable hydrogen cells than again it would be worth our while. Instead we can always settle for fuel efficient european cars which cost a few thousand less than the over priced, poorly made toyotas.

  2. thestormweaver Says:

    Yeah, but what about those of us who live north of the Mason Dixon Line? Biofuels are of no use to anyone who experiences cold weather, because it sludges at much higher temperatures than other fuels, ruining the engine.

    You may need to wait 12 hours to recharge a DEAD battery, but there are now EC batteries that can last 300 miles. If you can waste a 300 mile charge in one day, you need to re-evaluate your flight plan my friend.

  3. nutation Says:

    nutation says : I absolutely agree with this !

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