Hellboy, Atlantis, Superman, and Batman

Some more reviews for you guys (and gals).

Hellboy II: The Golden Army:

I liked this one.  Lots of action, alittle bit of drama (the good kind), and plenty of humor to break it up.  Some of the events in the plot are predictable, but it isn’t to bad.  I don’t know who played the elf princess, whose name I cannot spell, but I get the sneaking suspicion that there is a hottie underneath the make-up and prosthetics.  Selma Blair wasn’t to bad herself.  Somehow Pyrokinetic chicks with a temper seem sexy to me…  It definetly makes up for that terrible haircut.  Anywho, if you liked the first one go see it, because this one is better.

Stargate Atlantis: Episode 5:01: “Search and Rescue”

The Season 5 premier of Stargate Atlantis was last Friday, and was entitled “Search and Rescue.”  Not the most creative of titles, but it fits the bill.  It was a good start for the season, and its Nielson rating (number of people who tuned in) was higher than Season 4’s premier, according to GateWorld.  Hopefully Atlantis continues to get higher ratings, if they start dropping again it may be the beginning of the end for the Stargate Franchise.  It was a good episode, one event was slightly predictable, but over all it was quite exciting.

I’ve come to believe that giving the Tau’ri such a technological superiority over the Wraith will prove to bothersome as the seasons roll on.  In this episode they had to make some excuses to make the battle with a measely Cruiser seem epic and dangerous.  It reminds me of Star Trek: TNG, where their communicators and transporters were constantly befuddled by atmospheric anomalies on almost barren planets.  Hopefully Brad [Wright] and friends can come up with more than one excuse for our technology not being good enough (in SG’s case, ship damage).

Superman Doomsday:

I found two major flaws in this movie: 1) The animations were different from those seen in “The Animated Series” (the same artistic style was used in Batman TAS, and in Justice League).  2) The voice actors were different from TAS/Justice League.  I mean, they gave Superman a freaking butt-chin!  He looked like the damn Crimson Chin.  Oh yeah, and Lex Luthor has some very homosexual tendencies.  Not the stereotypical kind, but the subtle creepy kind.  He said some weird things, he called Superman “beautifull”… thats weird.  Basically, if you can get past the unfamiliar animations/voice acting, and the break from continuity regarding Doomsday himself (he is a crazy mutant clone of Superman with a bad attitude in Justice League, and he is a mindless genetically engineered alien super soldier in this movie), you’ll like this movie.

Batman: Subzero

I picked this up in a two-pack with the next movie, Mask of the Phantasm.  This one was alittle weird, in that Mr. Fries is the villain, but he isn’t really doing anything villainous.  I mean, he isn’t a truly bad guy, he is just desperate to save his wife after a bunch of dumb-ass submariners nearly kill her (and Fries, and his two polar bear buddies, and an Inuit child he takes care of).  Its good, but it pales in comparison to the epic awesomeness that is…

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Words fail to describe this work of art.  The Phantom is easily one of the most badass villains in the DC arsenal.  Who else has the balls to walk up to someone as bat-shit crazy as the Joker (who killed a troup of boy-scouts with poisoned cotton-candy in one issue, THATS CRAZY!) and say “Joker, Your Angel of Death Awaits.”  The costume, the voice, the badassery, its poetry in action my friends.  Seriously, I almost wet myself watching this.  The movie includes crap-loads of back-story on the “birth” of Batman himself, and even alittle bit of backstory for the Joker.  Its filled with action, an incredible sound track, especially the opening scene with the title of the movie and everything, its definetely worth watching.  It came out on television like, 8 years ago and I bought it at Wal*Mart in a two pack with Sub-Zero for like $12, totally worth it.

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2 Comments on “Hellboy, Atlantis, Superman, and Batman”

  1. Bill Says:

    You spelled Mr. Freeze as Mr. Fries: like he’s some sort of McDonald’s flunky.

  2. thestormweaver Says:

    His “real” name (as real as a cartoon character’s name can be) is Victor Fries. Who in their right mind would name themselves Victor Freeze? The excuse is probably that it was of German origin (and would be spelled with a short ‘i’ sound, sorta like Fr-ICE) and was Americanized later.

    At any rate, its spelled Fries.

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