Holy Moly

Jumpin’ fuzzy lizards, its been a long time since I’ve posted.  Don’t have much to report.  Don’t think i’ve been to any movies I haven’t told you about…  Except TDK, but you all know about that already I’m sure, lol.  In case you don’t, it was awesome and you should have seen it.

I’m going to try to see “The House Bunny” on Friday, but no guarantees.  It looks pretty funny, and I’m up for anything Playboy.  Except the “Playboy Video” stuff.  Thats no good.  Bad music, funny angles, bad camera-work.  The photographers and models are top-rate, but the video is terrible.

Anyway.  Oh wait… I saw Mummy 3 aswell.  It was little different from the first two.  Typically “bad” 90’s movie stuff.  But if you liked the first two (I did) you’ll probably like this one.  Although it still pisses me off that Rachel Weisz didn’t play Eve again.  Its worth the matinee, thats for sure.

This month’s issue of Maxim, which should be on stands for another week, had an interesting article on Rhino Poaching.  It seems that India has a resident bad-ass who has no qualms over killing poachers in a most brutal fashion.  Anna Kournikova (she’s on the cover) looks better than ever in this one.  And as usual, it featured a couple of women that Maxim decided to call up-and-comers, even though I’ve never heard of the actresses or the movies/shows they are supposedly in.  Which is par for the course I guess :/

There is also a big feature on the upcoming football season.  Its like 30 pages.  Football fans should check it out.

That’s all folks.

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