The BunnyGate

So I watched “The House Bunny” a couple hours ago.  I liked it.  Some of the characters are painfully dorky/irritating (the President of the Zeta House, for instance).  But overall it was a good, funny movie.  I recommend it.  Fun fact: Real Playboy Bunnies were used in the movie.  Some that I noticed were Hiromi Oshima and Sarah Jean Underwood.  Both uber-hotties.  I actually have the issue with Hiromi in it, I got it because Denise Richards was in it… or was it Charisma Carpenter?  Hmm…  Anyway, Mrs. Oshima was a bonus.

You may have noticed I recommend damn near every movie I see, thats because I don’t watch shitty movies.  Just so you don’t think I lack discerning tastes.

You may have noticed the “Gate” in the title.  Yes, I have some Stargate news.  First, if you don’t know already, Atlantis will be canceled.  Thats right, Season Five will be the last.  However, TV movies/DVDs are planned and the first has already been greenlit.  Also, Stargate Universe will begin filming in February of 09 for a planned premiere that summer.  Thirdly, there is some photography on the new villains being introduced in the episode “First Contact” that airs Sept 29th.

You can find more information on all three of these at

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2 Comments on “The BunnyGate”

  1. JPS Says:

    How do you know whether a movie is s***ty if youve never seen it? :p

    Ive seen plenty of movies with low ratings that I really enjoyed and vice versa.

  2. thestormweaver Says:

    I’m psychic, thats why! lol

    I can usually get a good idea of what the movie is about/like with previews. I don’t follow the ratings, they are wrong half the time anyway. I prefer judging them based on previews and viewer opinion.

    It helps that I’m alittle more forgiving with movies than some (*cough*Mora*cough*).

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