Rock the Pebble

So I read a really good book last week called “Pebble in the Sky” by Isaac Asimov.  I am a big fan of old Isaac’s work, and this is one of his best.  It takes place during the early years of the Galactic Empire of Trantor.  To be precise its in the late 9th century of the Galactic Era.  A retired tailor living in Chicago in 1949 finds himself transported, midstep, over 50,000 years into the future.  That part was a huge suprise to me, because I thought the Empire formed 8,000 years in the future.

I’ve always found Isaac to tend toward the logical more than the fanciful, so I was curious how he would move a man into the future.  I was not dissapointed.  Its one of the best books by Isaac i’ve ever read.  However, its characters do tend to make big leaps in logic that stretch belief, but that is what people tend to do in extraordinary circumstances and with limited or false information.  The instances of this are far more tolerable than in “Second Foundation” and “Foundation’s Edge” where the characters are pulling plots and schemes out of there asses.

I came away thinking it would make an excellant movie, and inwardly prayed that Shia Labeuf and Will Smith would never come near it if it came true.  I’m just plain sick of Shia and Will Smith has ruined enough sci-fi classics (I, Robot: another work of Isaac’s, and I am Legend).

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