District 9

Freaking fantastic movie.  If you haven’t seen it by now, you are a crazy person.  Go see it, NOW.

Seriously, I have no complaints about this movie.  The main character is distinctly unlikeable, but by the end you can sympathize, and he begins to change.  The story is believable and compelling.  You are left at the end wanting to see more of this little alternate universe.  I can’t wait for a District 10, if it ever happens.  I find it amazing that the lead actor wasn’t an actor.  District 9 was his first acting role and he improvised all of his lines.  At least according to an interview in a Star Tribune article.  I don’t feel like finding it, so look yourself.

The aliens, called Prawn, love cat food like cats love cat-nip.  Which is just great.

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One Comment on “District 9”

  1. Nolan Says:

    Indeed, who doesn’t want an exosuit that vomits?

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