New Content! After Two Years!

Hello everyone! Or should I say no one? Probably the same thing…

Anyway, over the last two years I became enamored with D&D, and ran my first campaign for an entire year before having to call it quits due to school work. During that time I learned a great deal about how a good game is run, and how to make custom content.

I’m going to be sharing some of the fruits of that labor on this very blog! To start off, I’ll be sharing a prestige class called the Battlemaster! The Battlemaster’s shtick can be summed up as “I am a walking arsenal.” Fighters are most likely to prestige into this class, and they are giving up bonus feats in order to easily wield any weapon they come across. That’s right, this class gains an effective proficiency with ALL weapons. Check out all the niggly details by clicking on the link below!

(Psst, you’ll need Microsoft Office or Open Office to view the file)
(Psst again, Open Office is free and can be found at

Battlemaster Document

This class was built with advice from a few of my friends, including the estimable Gamemaster’s Kip. His website has all kinds of neat stuff on it, so you should click that link! He can also be found on Facebook.

Please remember that this is currently a work in progress, and I am open to suggestions.

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