A Quick Shout Out

I’d just like to point out two really cool indie games that I’ve been watching for some time now.

Natural Selection 2 – Sequel to one of the most popular Half-Life mods ever compiled, NS2 is an amazing first person shooter with an interesting blend of RTS and FPS elements. Its not your typical Aliens vs Marines game, although it shares elements with the Aliens franchise and Starcraft’s Zerg. This game is very pretty for an indie game developed by a team of 7 on a limited/non-existent budget.

Overgrowth – Spiritual Successor to Lugaru, this is a game with anthropomorphic ninja rabbits. Need I say more? Its not as far along in the dev cycle as NS2, but its shaping up well.

Both of these games are available for pre-order at around $25 (US), doing so gives access to the Beta. I highly recommend you at least check them out.

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One Comment on “A Quick Shout Out”

  1. Nolan Says:

    I remember NS from College. It was a great LAN game that’s for sure.

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