An Update and an Announcement

Hey everybody.

I wanted to bring you all a new monster this week, but real life obligations have delayed that. In fact, its going to make my so far weekly posts a little more unreliable. Technically they Grey’s are ready, for D&D 3.5 anyway.

Which brings me to my announcement, from now on I will be doing all my content for the Pathfinder RPG!

Those of you who are sticking with 3.5 will have little work to do converting my stuff from Pathfinder to 3.5, its quite easy I assure you. Magic items don’t even need it!

Anyway, here is the fluff text for the Grey Goblins, a little teaser while I work on the conversion to Pathfinder.

These hybrid’s look similar to the typical goblin at first glance, but they’re skin coloring always has a hint of blue-grey and they are noticeably larger, usually the size of an average dwarf. On closer inspection an observer may notice an unusual amount of body hair and an animalistic quality to the Grey Goblin’s features. Like their Barghest forebears, the Grey Goblin’s eyes glow faintly orange when excited or agitated.

One in every thousand Goblins is a Grey Goblin, a manifestation of a mixing of Goblin and Barghest in the ancient past. Some say the first Grey Goblins were bred intentionaly to create a powerful army. Some say it was merely the passing whim of a lustful fiend. All agree that Grey Goblins’ inability to interbreed is a blessing from the gods, for if they bred true it would spell the end of the other races. Like Goblins, the Greys reach adulthood by their seventh year.

Their incredible physical and mental prowess always puts Grey Goblins at the head of their tribes. Those that are not killed at birth by fearful Bugbear or Hobgoblin masters often topple these inattentive, and brutal, leaders.

Because Grey Goblins are so rare, they have no society of their own.

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