GSC Game World News

GSC Game World: Official Statement Regarding STALKER 2 On Monday.


Its been a dismaying weekend, with news surfacing that GSC Game World (developer of the STALKER franchise, one of my favorite games). However, I’ve uncovered some news that there might be a friendly stalker with a medkit in hand in the form of the Ukrainian government.

Interesting that they want to intervene, but Sergei Grigorovich (the CEO) would rather shutter the place then let that happen.

I’m not sure if it would be better for the franchise to go quietly into the night, or be yanked back into the light by the government. Either way could prove to be unsatisfying.

Here’s hoping that, should the government effort fail, the source code is released to the community. People like artistpavel have lots of practice making the STALKER games playable 😉

Good hunting, stalkers.

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