World-first hybrid shark found off Australia – Yahoo! News

World-first hybrid shark found off Australia – Yahoo! News.

Although this is interesting, it has some fallacious thinking to it. Parts of it imply that the sharks are consciously deciding to interbreed in order to adapt to changing circumstances. This is entirely incorrect. Evolution is the result of a multitude of very simple facts culminating in a statistical pattern in which those that are more successful will push out those that are not.

There is no intent in Evolution. It is a blind process that is subject to random chance and does not always produce the most efficient solution. It only “selects” the most efficient solution amongst those available.

So! The fact that this hybrid species of black tip sharks breeds true and has a much larger range is not a decision of any kind, it is a semi-random occurrence which, because of the facts that culminate in Evolution, will most likely put this new species at a decided advantage over its two parent species.

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