I’m just a guy who decided he wanted to have his own site/blog, and the people over at WordPress were kind enough to give me one.  You don’t have to agree with me, or even listen to me.  If you don’t like what I’m posting than go away.  If you decide you have something worth saying about what I’ve posted, then go ahead and leave a comment, but please be civil, and I’ll do the same.

 I’m a Computer Science Major at my local University.  More specifically I’d like to be a game programmer/designer.  The fields of AI Development and ALife Development are also very interesting to me.

I am also interested in various sciences, as a form of passive study, which means I like to look up Wikipedia articles on them.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I will tolerate no bad mouthing of Jennifer.  If you do not share my feelings for the dreamy Jennifer, then you may say so.  If you disagree with me about her in any way, you may say so.  BUT, I warn you to choose your words carefully.


One Comment on “About”

  1. Seraph Says:

    Hey man, just thought I’d pop in a nd finally write something. Though I’m not a stargate fan/sci-fi fan for the most part, I do enjoy reading your site from time to time and I enjoy your writing style.

    Unfortunately your updates are infrequent 😛

    All in all though, you run a pretty cool place.



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