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March 16, 2012

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!


Who else is even more excited than before? Cause I am!


Skyrim Easter Egg: Vulthuryol – YouTube

February 20, 2012

A video of my character Golen Mirith fighting an easter egg dragon in Skyrim!

Watch it!

The Great Battle of Skyrim – YouTube

February 10, 2012

This is an awesome and very well done video by Tyrannicon. Unlike the other “Epic Battle” videos, this one is planned out and has excellent camera work.

Tyrannicon mentions mods being used, and I noticed Midas Magic – Spells for Skyrim and at least one weapon mod i didn’t recognize. Anyone else recognize a mod in the video?

District 9

September 10, 2009

Freaking fantastic movie.  If you haven’t seen it by now, you are a crazy person.  Go see it, NOW.

Seriously, I have no complaints about this movie.  The main character is distinctly unlikeable, but by the end you can sympathize, and he begins to change.  The story is believable and compelling.  You are left at the end wanting to see more of this little alternate universe.  I can’t wait for a District 10, if it ever happens.  I find it amazing that the lead actor wasn’t an actor.  District 9 was his first acting role and he improvised all of his lines.  At least according to an interview in a Star Tribune article.  I don’t feel like finding it, so look yourself.

The aliens, called Prawn, love cat food like cats love cat-nip.  Which is just great.

I Remember Black Skies…

August 25, 2009

Lots of stuff to talk about, but only so much room and time.  I’ve read a lot of books, seen a lot of movies, and haven’t talked about any of them.

Isaac Asimov’s Nightfall:

Its about a planet named Kalgan (Aeon in the movie, guh) that has six stars in its system.  Onos is the primary, a large yellow one like the Sun, there are two blue ones, two white ones, and one red one.  The pairs of blue and white move together while Onos and the red one move seperately.  They consider it to be day time when Onos is in the sky, because the other are fairly dull.  The story follows some academics as they discover that Kalgan has suffered a horrible disaster many times in the past, and – like clock-work – it is about to happen again.  That disaster is Nightfall.  The idea is to concieve something totally foreign to terrans, perpetual light, then to present the society that knows nothing else what we take for granted, darkness.  I was able to suspend my disbelief about the astronomical situation, mainly because I believe that due to the size of the universe that anything that is possible, no matter how unlikely, MUST exist somewhere in the universe.  However, the madness that overcomes these people is a tougher pill to swallow, even though it gets easier as the story goes along.  What I simply could not take was the presence of a laser gun in that society.  They haven’t even left their own planet, but can make laser guns?  I can’t follow that.

Overall I liked the book, despite some of its flaws.  The movie adaptation, however, was un-watchable.  It merely takes the name and basic concept of the book and throws out the rest.  Not even the presence of an acting great like David Carradine could redeem it.  They had some kind of super psychic in the movie, which was NOT in the book.  When they revealed that character I saw red.  Anyhow, if you like Asimov, read the book.  But stear clear of the movie.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen:

Fans of the old cartoons probably won’t like it, but the only Transformer cartoons I watched were Beast Wars (awesome) and Beast Machines (not awesome).  I thought it was great.  Kind of a shallow action movie, with some romance and worship of self-sacrificing heroes thrown in.  Fans of the old show also seemed to be upset when a Linkin Park song was chosen for the main theme, which I didn’t understand.  They argued that the original theme (from the cartoon) should have been used.  I think they are being bitten by the nostalgia bug because that song sucked ass.  The Linkin Park song isn’t great, but its good.  This coming from a guy who hasn’t liked Linkin Park since he was 13.

Black Sky:

Black Sky is a video game project about having your own space ship and roaming about the galaxy doing missions, improving your ship, getting new ships, etc.  It is still in alpha, and from the stuff being posted on the official forums it may never be finished, but those of you who like that kind of thing (like myself) may want to check it out.  Linky.

Remember when I promised to do posts on the Maxim issues?  Remember how I posted only one of them then didn’t do it again?  Well, that is coming back and I promise to try to do it.  Also, I have more book and movie reviews coming in the next week or two.

Rock the Pebble

September 26, 2008

So I read a really good book last week called “Pebble in the Sky” by Isaac Asimov.  I am a big fan of old Isaac’s work, and this is one of his best.  It takes place during the early years of the Galactic Empire of Trantor.  To be precise its in the late 9th century of the Galactic Era.  A retired tailor living in Chicago in 1949 finds himself transported, midstep, over 50,000 years into the future.  That part was a huge suprise to me, because I thought the Empire formed 8,000 years in the future.

I’ve always found Isaac to tend toward the logical more than the fanciful, so I was curious how he would move a man into the future.  I was not dissapointed.  Its one of the best books by Isaac i’ve ever read.  However, its characters do tend to make big leaps in logic that stretch belief, but that is what people tend to do in extraordinary circumstances and with limited or false information.  The instances of this are far more tolerable than in “Second Foundation” and “Foundation’s Edge” where the characters are pulling plots and schemes out of there asses.

I came away thinking it would make an excellant movie, and inwardly prayed that Shia Labeuf and Will Smith would never come near it if it came true.  I’m just plain sick of Shia and Will Smith has ruined enough sci-fi classics (I, Robot: another work of Isaac’s, and I am Legend).

The BunnyGate

September 12, 2008

So I watched “The House Bunny” a couple hours ago.  I liked it.  Some of the characters are painfully dorky/irritating (the President of the Zeta House, for instance).  But overall it was a good, funny movie.  I recommend it.  Fun fact: Real Playboy Bunnies were used in the movie.  Some that I noticed were Hiromi Oshima and Sarah Jean Underwood.  Both uber-hotties.  I actually have the issue with Hiromi in it, I got it because Denise Richards was in it… or was it Charisma Carpenter?  Hmm…  Anyway, Mrs. Oshima was a bonus.

You may have noticed I recommend damn near every movie I see, thats because I don’t watch shitty movies.  Just so you don’t think I lack discerning tastes.

You may have noticed the “Gate” in the title.  Yes, I have some Stargate news.  First, if you don’t know already, Atlantis will be canceled.  Thats right, Season Five will be the last.  However, TV movies/DVDs are planned and the first has already been greenlit.  Also, Stargate Universe will begin filming in February of 09 for a planned premiere that summer.  Thirdly, there is some photography on the new villains being introduced in the episode “First Contact” that airs Sept 29th.

You can find more information on all three of these at