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RPG Maker VX Ace Release

February 23, 2012

RPG Maker VX Ace Release | The Official RPG Maker Blog.


It seems another PC RPG Maker is on the horizon! I’ve not heard anything on this until now, but it seems that there are some other posts about its features.

$90 is pretty steep for any kind of hobby software, especially when the price for the Maker software is traditionally $60. However, it mentions a pre-order discount and some bonuses to those who pre-order. I doubt the discount will be as much as $30, and I imagine the bonuses will be something like extra tile-sets, scripts, and other content. Or maybe some extra tool included in the software.

The bonuses and nature of the discount will be revealed when the pre-order becomes available on March 1st.

Gotta say, despite money being tight, I am kinda tempted by this. If the scripting system is at least as powerful and flexible as earlier entries, and I imagine it would be (if not better), you could do some amazing things. I would love to use this system to make the tactical RPG I’ve been dreaming up the last few years.

Discussion on the release can be found at The Pavilion.


First Skyrim Mod!

February 7, 2012

The first official mod for Skyrim has arrived! It adds the Space Core of Portal II fame as an item, voiced by Nolan North himself. It lands on Mundus in the form of a comet. It will talk to you as you travel as long as it is in your inventory! To find the mod follow these instructions: Go to Skyrim’s page in Steam, scroll down to the Steamworks banner and click on it. There you will find all the Skyrim mods currently registered with Steam. Amongst them will be the Space Core mod Vol 1.

Here is a video someone put together explaining how to find the Space Core, and how to make the Dovahcore helmet!

The Power of Creation

February 7, 2012

Today Bethesda released the Creation Kit, the long-coming editor for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a much called for Hi-Res Texture Pack for the PC, both free of charge to Skyrim owners.

For those not in the know, the two previous Elder Scrolls games, Oblivion and Morrowind, were both shipped with powerful editing software (the very software used to make the game in fact) that led to the creation of thousands of fan mods. Even today people are making mods for Morrowind close to 10 years after it was initially released.

You could make anything from a simple sound replacer that made farting noises whenever a character stepped, to a Total Conversion that re-created your favorite fantasy world, or just add some new weapons or NPCs to the game.

Now this power is available to Skyrim modders. Up till now they’ve been using the community created SkyEdit software, but there are limitations.

I personally intend to create a small handful of mods already, and am hard at work on the first! I suggest you consult the Creation Kit documentation if you intend to do much of anything, or if you have no experience with modding an Elder Scrolls game. However, as of right now, the site is experiencing difficulty due to a high load.

Go figure 😛

Lets Talk About the Gorilla

February 3, 2012

Here it is.


NS2 has released Gorilla, the big update they’ve been working on for weeks and have kept secret.

There is a HUGE amount of content in this update. A new map, Mineshaft, the long coming release of the Onos alien form, and Jetpacks for marines. A new structure for the Marines and special abilities for the Onos.

There is way to much for me to reasonably say here, just go over and check it out. NS2 has put up a trailer on YouTube, which is embedded in the post linked above.


Storm’s Aeon of Strife

May 12, 2009

Hello everyone!  Storm is here again with some WarCraft III content!

I recently uploaded my map Storm’s Aos ver .99c to the website .  As of this posting, it is still in pending status.  I suspect you will see it up soon so look for newly added maps if you want to check it out.

It is an Aeon of Strife map, which predates DotA maps which are very popular right now.  Too popular if you ask me.  Which is why I made this map.  It consists of two computer controlled towns, one for each team.  Units belonging to the computer are spawned at regular intervals and attack the enemy base.  The player’s job is to defend their own base while trying to destroy the enemy’s.  At the beginning of the map you have only one unit, a Soul.  You place your Soul on the circle of power that is in front of the hero you wish to control.   That hero will be spawned into the play area and you can begin immediately.  It may be a good idea to talk to your team mates ahead of time about hero selection, because only one of each hero can be present on each team.

There are a multitude of items to purchase, mostly non-custom.  The essential item would be the Staff of Teleportation, as it will save your life many times.  There are an infinite number of respawns, but the higher your level the longer it takes before you respawn, so it might be a good idea to grab an Ankh of Reincarnation for you high-level folks.  Also, the bounty awarded for killing a hero increases with each level.

I would upload it here, but I want to have all the downloads tracked in one place.  If you download it, please leave feedback.  I am also looking for feature suggestions for future versions of the map.  Currently I am trying to make sure there is nothing wrong with it, hence version .99c.

Storm Has Been Turned

October 1, 2008

That’s right, I have been converted.  I just installed FireFox 3 last night and I’m not turning back.  What made me turn after so many years of using IE?  Java source files.  IE can’t open a java file into the browser, FireFox can.

FireFox also has a more intuitive address bar-browsing history relationship.  It also runs alittle faster.  But it was the Java thing that broke the camel’s back.  I’ve also fallen in love with that download manager.  No more having my task bar cluttered with individual dl managers, a la IE.

Thats all, have fun everyone.

The Storm has arrived… [UPDATE]

February 19, 2008

Wow, I had no idea I had prophetic abilities!  The Storm Worm has reappeared and is extremely dangerous.  Do not open any files with .exe attachements, as they contain this exceedingly malicious virus.  Seriously, it’ll do permanent and unrepairable damage to your hard drive’s Zero Sector, where vital information, like the operating system, is stored.

 Remember, do not open any emails with an attachment that ends in .exe, even if it is from a friend.  ‘Cause if its from a friend, they have already been infected.


Okay, so my source was exaggerating.  Turns out it doesn’t do damage to the hard drive, not typically, although it has been known to happen.  The worm actually turns your computer into a bot, surrendering control of your machine to the programmers of the virus.  Of course that isn’t much better.