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The RPG Pavilion Minecraft Arena – YouTube

March 23, 2012

I show you the Pavilion’s Minecraft server Arena! Check it out. I sound very different in my head.


RPG Maker VX Ace Release

February 23, 2012

RPG Maker VX Ace Release | The Official RPG Maker Blog.


It seems another PC RPG Maker is on the horizon! I’ve not heard anything on this until now, but it seems that there are some other posts about its features.

$90 is pretty steep for any kind of hobby software, especially when the price for the Maker software is traditionally $60. However, it mentions a pre-order discount and some bonuses to those who pre-order. I doubt the discount will be as much as $30, and I imagine the bonuses will be something like extra tile-sets, scripts, and other content. Or maybe some extra tool included in the software.

The bonuses and nature of the discount will be revealed when the pre-order becomes available on March 1st.

Gotta say, despite money being tight, I am kinda tempted by this. If the scripting system is at least as powerful and flexible as earlier entries, and I imagine it would be (if not better), you could do some amazing things. I would love to use this system to make the tactical RPG I’ve been dreaming up the last few years.

Discussion on the release can be found at The Pavilion.

The Incredibly Smart Hulk’s Hancock

July 9, 2008

So I saw a few movies lately, now I’m going to tell you about them.

The Incredible Hulk:

Good movie, not great, but definetely good.  Maybe even very good.  It was definetely better than Ang Lee’s movie, which wasn’t bad, but not very good either.  Somehow it made you feel like a lot happened, but at the same time like nothing happened at all.  I loved the little tributes to Stan Lee and the Bill Bixby t.v. show (The Incredible Hulk).  Anyone who is even slightly interested in seeing this should do so.  However, unless you have money to blow and/or are a nerdy Hulk fan (like myself) you should try to hit the matinee.


I really liked this one.  From the previews I had fully expected Charlize Theron’s character to end up being Hancock’s super-villain (Charlize Theron can be my super-villain anyday *swoon*).  Whether or not that is what happens, well you’ll have to watch it to find out.  Like Hulk, this movie generated a feeling of “a lot happened, but nothing happened.”  Actually, this movie had a stronger feeling of nothing happening than something happening.  I still recommend it, especially for the fx.

Get Smart:

I like the old Get Smart show, what little of it I saw as a kid and even less what I remember.  I definetely liked the 1989 movie, which featured the original actor (but somehow was missing Agent 99…).  This new show took some creative liberty with the original, but not bad enough to offend any but the most die hard fans of the original.  I liked Steve Carell as Max (I actually like most of his movies), and Anne Hatheway did her part well.  Despite my usual loathing of “The Rock” (who goes by his birth name of Dwayne now), I didn’t mind him in this movie.  It was full of laughs and I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor.  So pretty much everybody except the Pavilionite Dusk Raven ; )

There you have it folks.  I’m going to see Wall-E in the next two weeks and The Dark Night the day it comes out (right after a 9 hour shift at work D:  )

Fun Things On The Internet – or – A Call To Arms for RM Fans

April 9, 2008

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, and I apologize to anyone who checks here for new posts.  I have a few interesting links for you all here.

Link 1:

This one was brought to my attention in a thread at The Pavilion.  As you’ll see when you click on the link a replica of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future will soon be available for purchase.  You’ll have to ask around in your hometown to find out if they (will) carry it.  Who wouldn’t want one of those things in their car?  I know I want one 🙂

Link 2:

Yet another item brought to my attention by a thread at the Pav.  This is a very cool fan made fight scene between almost a dozen women from Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive.  Its a FF vs DoA fight and its really cool.  This guy has serious talent.  It would probaby make more sense to watch the first one well, first.  I myself haven’t watched the first Dead Fantasy, or even the entirety of the second.  Not because it isn’t worth it, because it is.  Its just that my router is a pile and doesn’t like it when I try to watch online video.  I know its not my laptop because every computer in the house is does this (three laptops and three desktops), and because it works fine at my buddy’s house.  Anyway, next link…

Link 3:

This is a thread at the Pav, it is a call to arms for all console RPG Maker fans to let Enterbrain! know that we are out here and are willing to give them our money if they’d just step up and get another Maker going.  I highly suggest that anyone who cares about the console series of Makers heeds this call to arms.  Some advice

  • Be polite, no one will take a raving fan boy seriously
  • Be eloquent.  Or at the least use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Don’t half-ass it.  Write more than just a sentence or two.  Put some effort into it.
  • Don’t go overboard.  Three page e-mails/letters might scare away whoever is supposed to read it.  Be concise
  • If at all possible, write a letter instead of an email.  Letters take time, and money (stamps), this better shows how you feel and is a better display of how serious you are about the issue.

That is all.