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Zelda Medley

February 27, 2012

I talented violinist named Linsey Stirling uploaded this video of her performing a medley of Zelda songs, including my personal favorite, the Gerudo Fortress Theme. She even gets into character and wears the blue tunic and a quiver of arrows!


Basking in the Glory

January 7, 2012

I installed WarCraft III today. Like the Tribunal, it is sometimes necessary to bask in the radiant glory of a dead god to rejuvenate ones self.

Who wants a WarCraft IV? I myself am tired of the MMO’s and would love another foray into Azeroth as a commander of armies, a leader of men (and orcs, and elves, etc.). What do you all think?


An Update and an Announcement

November 19, 2011

Hey everybody.

I wanted to bring you all a new monster this week, but real life obligations have delayed that. In fact, its going to make my so far weekly posts a little more unreliable. Technically they Grey’s are ready, for D&D 3.5 anyway.

Which brings me to my announcement, from now on I will be doing all my content for the Pathfinder RPG!

Those of you who are sticking with 3.5 will have little work to do converting my stuff from Pathfinder to 3.5, its quite easy I assure you. Magic items don’t even need it!

Anyway, here is the fluff text for the Grey Goblins, a little teaser while I work on the conversion to Pathfinder.

These hybrid’s look similar to the typical goblin at first glance, but they’re skin coloring always has a hint of blue-grey and they are noticeably larger, usually the size of an average dwarf. On closer inspection an observer may notice an unusual amount of body hair and an animalistic quality to the Grey Goblin’s features. Like their Barghest forebears, the Grey Goblin’s eyes glow faintly orange when excited or agitated.

One in every thousand Goblins is a Grey Goblin, a manifestation of a mixing of Goblin and Barghest in the ancient past. Some say the first Grey Goblins were bred intentionaly to create a powerful army. Some say it was merely the passing whim of a lustful fiend. All agree that Grey Goblins’ inability to interbreed is a blessing from the gods, for if they bred true it would spell the end of the other races. Like Goblins, the Greys reach adulthood by their seventh year.

Their incredible physical and mental prowess always puts Grey Goblins at the head of their tribes. Those that are not killed at birth by fearful Bugbear or Hobgoblin masters often topple these inattentive, and brutal, leaders.

Because Grey Goblins are so rare, they have no society of their own.

Mana Crystal

November 9, 2011

Another D&D item for you. This is the Mana Crystal, an item for the Spell Point magic system, a variant to the traditional Vancian magic system. This effectively replaces the Pearl of Power for Spell Points.

Included after the item description is an optional rule for siphoning mana from the crystal and some feats for improving the process. One should think very hard about including these options, however. If not carefully managed they may disrupt game balance.

Mana Crystal 

Also, I made some minor changes to the Battlemaster document and wanted to point out that a Sample Battlemaster is included on the second page, which uses the Elite Array for initial stats. That document can be found here.

RePost: PM 11 from GameMaster Kevin

October 23, 2011

Check out the Yellow Musk Zombie, a new monster by Game Master Kevin for Pathfinder.

Yellow Musk Zombie

Surviving the 24th Century

April 28, 2009

Here is a little thing my brother put together for a class, don’t know what its about.  What I do know is that its hilarious.  Now that I think about it, this probably has to do with Fahrenheit 451.

How to Survive in the 24th Century: A Simple Guide for the Simple Man

1. Don’t Read.  Ever.

This has become Federal Law for a reason, trust me its a good one.  Nobody needs to read because nobody needs to be offended.

2. Learn to Drive Very Fast.

People nowadays don’t care about your safety.  Going to hit that dog?  Go for it, decause the guy behind you will push that pedal through the floor if you don’t.

3.  Learn to Love Fire.

Fire is the all-cleansing force that purifies all of society’s ills and shortcomings in little to no time.  It’ll burn away the ammunition for those stuck-up book readers.

4.  Don’t Ever Question Things.

You probably won’t understand anything too complicated about the world, so don’t try.  Trying to measure the world and reason it out is just a bad idea.

5.  Thinking Less = Having More Fun.

As stated above, don’t try to measure or reason out the world.  You’ll have more fun that way.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in front of you, just so long as you get a bit of a tic when it happens.

6.  Knowledge is for Losers.

The more you know about the world, the uglier it seems to be.  Only idiots will try to learn anything more complicated than setting up a television.

7.  Learn to Love Sensory Information.

Just because it doesn’t have real meaning doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love it.  Who needs to be deep when you get a jolt of pleasure from what you are doing?

8.  The Government is Always Right.

Like I said before, don’t question anything, and it goes double for the government.  They always do the right thing in the right way, so what does it matter?

9.  Don’t Offend People.

Even if you have to be dull as a rock, its much better not to offend people.  Its much better to be the one everyone likes than to be interesting or unique.

10.  Always get to the Point.

Who wants to waste twenty minutes of their life listening to you drabble on about details?  No one cares about the who and how, just the what.  Its the end of the journey that counts, not the journey itself!

11.  Never Stand Idle.

Even if it is completely pointless, always be doing something.  Work with your hands, feet, anything but your mind.  Who cares about down time?  What would you need it for anyway?  Certainly not reading!

Obviously satire, and pretty funny if you ask me.

SG:Universe Teaser Trailer

March 28, 2009

Gateworld has a teaser trailer for the new Stargate Universe series. It appeared alongside the series finale of BSG on the British channel SkyOne.

Here is the link: Teaser Trailer.

From this, it appears to have more than a hint of BSG in it.