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Possible Return for SGU/Firefly through Netflix?

March 27, 2012

I am a subscriber of Giant Freaking Robot, and thought I’d like to share this link with you. I would have preferred to post an original source, but they referenced none, so here is the GFR blog post.

Netflix Will Not Save Terra Nova | Giant Freakin Robot.

I  really, REALLY hope that last line comes true. I was downright crushed when SG-U was cancelled just as it was catching its stride, no need to mention Firefly being cut down in its prime with so much set up for later episodes to explore (Book’s past!). Also, it was just plain awesome.

Keep up the tweet storm! Get Netflix to bring back these beloved shows!


SG:Universe Teaser Trailer

March 28, 2009

Gateworld has a teaser trailer for the new Stargate Universe series. It appeared alongside the series finale of BSG on the British channel SkyOne.

Here is the link: Teaser Trailer.

From this, it appears to have more than a hint of BSG in it.

Casting Call for SG: Universe

September 17, 2008

There are rumors going around for the casting information for the series regulars of Stargate Universe.  Some of the seem okay, but I fear the kind of character development that would revolve around such characters.

In interviews TPTB said they were looking to fill the void left behind by BSG.  I didn’t like BSG that much, so hopefully Universe is more like stargate than bsg.

Go to Gateworld for the full story.

The BunnyGate

September 12, 2008

So I watched “The House Bunny” a couple hours ago.  I liked it.  Some of the characters are painfully dorky/irritating (the President of the Zeta House, for instance).  But overall it was a good, funny movie.  I recommend it.  Fun fact: Real Playboy Bunnies were used in the movie.  Some that I noticed were Hiromi Oshima and Sarah Jean Underwood.  Both uber-hotties.  I actually have the issue with Hiromi in it, I got it because Denise Richards was in it… or was it Charisma Carpenter?  Hmm…  Anyway, Mrs. Oshima was a bonus.

You may have noticed I recommend damn near every movie I see, thats because I don’t watch shitty movies.  Just so you don’t think I lack discerning tastes.

You may have noticed the “Gate” in the title.  Yes, I have some Stargate news.  First, if you don’t know already, Atlantis will be canceled.  Thats right, Season Five will be the last.  However, TV movies/DVDs are planned and the first has already been greenlit.  Also, Stargate Universe will begin filming in February of 09 for a planned premiere that summer.  Thirdly, there is some photography on the new villains being introduced in the episode “First Contact” that airs Sept 29th.

You can find more information on all three of these at

Stargate Universe Plot Details

March 7, 2008

Be warned, spoilers are found below.

I know this link isn’t a super credible source, but its all I have for you, because I couldn’t find any article like this anywhere.

I fear this series, like Atlantis, will not be as good as its predecessors in the franchise.  I know for a fact that if this indeed is the plot of Universe that many fans will be very upset and start spewing stuff about GateTrek, and such nonesense.  I for one am going to give it a chance.